We carry some products at our office.  If you need an additional supplement we don't carry, or prefer to order online, please check out our online dispensary through FullScript.


Designs for Health is a professional brand, offered exclusively to health care professionals and their patients through referral.  By providing comprehensive support through an extensive line of nutritional products, a research and education division, and practice development services, they are able to maximize the potential for successful clinical health outcomes.

Products range from: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, medical foods, Paleo Products, protein powders, amino acids, fatty acids, herbal products, probiotics, and natural anti-inflammatories.

Metagenics is a company that prides itself on providing nutrigenomic medical foods and nutraceuticals that offer a higher degree of safety, effectiveness, and reliability in natural approaches.  They provide continuous high quality products, have extensive research and education and continue to seek new preparations to provide a superior quality.


Pure Encapsulations was founded to formulate and manufacture the highest quality line of hypoallergenic supplements available. Since their inception, they have been the industry leader in manufacturing excellence and quality control, as well as a pioneer in the production of research-based and clinically relevant formulas. There are currently 19 clinical trials in progress involving Pure Encapsulations products, including studies at Stanford University, Michigan State and the Mayo Clinic.


Lauricidin® is pure sn-1 monolaurin (glycerol monolaurate) derived from coconut oil. The same monolaurin received from mother’s milk, saw palmetto, and bitter melon – embraced by both your immune system and your digestive tract.    Lauricidin® is all-natural, free from potential drug interactions and coconut allergens.


Klaire Labs is a probiotic leader, producing hypoallergenic, dairy-, and gluten-free probiotics.  Their selection allows for large ranges of dosing (3-100billion cfu).  Their formulations are available for all ages of life from infants, chewable children's, as well as formulas specific to women and a formulation to take after using antibiotics.


Boiron is a world leader in homeopathic medicines.  Homeopathics work naturally with your body to improve symptoms. Boiron is committed to safety and quality.