what is included in membership?

Membership includes an annual physical, visits for illness or to optimize your health, in house lab testing (strep tests, urine dips, urine pregnancy, etc), wholesale medications and low cost supplements, as well as small procedures (such as cleaning your ears, basic stitches, or an IV for dehydration).

are there any additional fees?

There are no recurring additional fees.  Labs, imaging and referrals will be billed through your insurance company.  For those without insurance, or with high deductible plans, we have the lowest lab prices available.  We are working on agreements for lower rates for imaging and specialty care.  Osteopathic Manipulation is an additional fee, but is discounted for members. 

do you accept insurance?

No.  BCIM is considered an "out of network provider".  We prefer for your relationship with your insurance company to stay between the two of you.  We do offer "super bills" for those patients who are seen for Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine or Integrative Medicine Consult visits. 

is this an insurance plan? DO I STILL NEED INSURANCE IF I AM A MEMBER?

No, BCIM membership is not an insurance plan.  We do recommend you still carry insurance to cover you in instances of hospitalization, surgery and serious acute care. 

i have medicare, can i still join bcim?

At this time Dr. Helstrom is unable to see Medicare patients.  Stay tuned, this will change in the near future... 

But I don't see the doctor more than once a year.  Why should I enroll in a membership?

BCIM offers something more.  We strive to reach each individuals optimal wellness.  This is not just the absence of disease, but truly your best you.  So if you're already free of disease, already have a great diet and exercise regularly, fantastic we will work together incredibly well!

what is direct access?

Direct access means just that, access to Dr. Helstrom directly.  No answering service, no front desk.  I answer the phone, return phone calls, write emails.  After hours, you get me. 

what is osteopathic manipulative medicine and how might it help me?

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) is a series of hands-on techniques that improve the body's mobility.  This form of manual medicine was created to work with our knowledge of how the body heals.  It promotes the body's own self healing mechanism by aiding in removal of symptoms that would get in the way.  To find out all the ways OMM may be helpful to you, click here.

what is integrative and functional medicine?  how will this affect my care?

Dr. Helstrom believes that primary care should assist each individual in achieving their optimal health.  Integrative and Functional Medicine are some of the tools she uses to help get you there. Click here for more information on Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine.

is there any long term commitment?

No.  We do not bind patients to any length of time for membership.  If you are not satisfied with your care, you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time.  Should you decide to return to the practice, we will ask that you pay the enrollment fee again.