your Roadmap for optimal health

Each person’s health journey is unique to that person. Our objective is to guide you along the way.

In order to best individualize each patient’s care, BCIM has developed flexible system to give each patient what they need.


initial consult

before your appointment

Before your first appointment even begins, you will complete a detailed questionnaire about your current health status and health goals. This information, along with labs, imaging, consults or any other records you feel are important to your health, are reviewed with our entire team at our weekly interdisciplinary meeting.

at your first appointment

At your first appointment, you will meet with one of our providers for 60 minutes to ask further questions related to your health journey. You will then have a 30 minute Osteopathic Assessment with one of our Osteopathic Physicians to evaluate the motion of your body. Our two providers then discuss with you their suggested next steps and together we formulate a plan.

integrative nutrition evaluation

You will then meet with our Integrative Nutritionist for further detailed evaluation and recommendations for a food plan specific to your needs.

wellness plan

at home

After your first appointments, you will be given some initial recommendations. At this point you will have access to our online patient portal which will be uploaded with educational information specific to your needs. You will complete any labs in which the providers have recommended in preparation for our next meeting.

at your first follow-up appointment

Approximately 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment, you will be scheduled for a 60 minute follow-up visit to review all labs and discuss how you are doing with the changes you have implemented. You will be given additional lifestyle changes and recommendations for changes in medication management and addition of supplements will be given at this time.

further follow-up appointments

We know that each person will need different levels of care at different periods of his/her life. The frequency and duration of future visits is determined by multiple factors: your needs, the complexity of your illness, and the types of treatment implemented.

optimal wellness

At this point the conditions you came in with are either gone or improved and stable. You’re feeling amazing! And we are standing right here cheering you on. So you ask, and now what? We have two plans to chose what is right for you.

as needed

You have an amazing primary care doctor that you trust and love? No problem, we are here for you when you need us. Just schedule a follow up whenever you’re in need of a little tune up or have something new to work on.

maintenance plan

Love your care at BCIM and want your primary care to include Integrative and Functional Medicine? We would love to take care of you and your family. We truly believe that Functional Medicine offers the best preventative approach to care, and we feel confident you’ll love the way we care for you as your primary care providers. This plan includes a low monthly fee for access to your providers throughout the year.