We feel so honored you have chosen to be a part of the BCIM community. We love watching each person bloom into their best self and feel thankful to be a part of the system to get you there.

To become a patient at BCIM:

  1. Call the main number to speak with our staff. They will be happy to get you started by sending you our intake questionnaire.

  2. Complete the intake questionnaire (Yes, we know it’s long, but we want to know all of the details that contribute to make you unique). Please also submit any records, labs, imaging studies or consult reports that you feel are important to understand your condition.

  3. Once you have completed the questionnaire, our staff will reach out to you to schedule your intake appointment.

What do I bring to my first appointment?

  1. We would like for you to submit all information you feel is important ahead of time. However, should you have labs, studies, or consults you feel are important between the time you scheduled and your appointment time, please feel free to bring those with you.

  2. Please be sure to dress in comfortable clothing as 30 minutes of your appointment will be an Osteopathic Assessment by either Dr. Helstrom or Dr. Patterson.

  3. Please bring all bottles of medications and supplements you are currently taking. Should you not be able to bring something with you, please take pictures of the front label and back label for us to review.

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