what is iv supplementation?

IV Supplementation is an infusion through an intravenous catheter of vitamins, minerals, and other supportive nutrients.

why use an iv for your vitamins?

There are two main reasons to receive your supplements through an IV.

  1. You can give significantly larger doses of some vitamins through an IV than what you can tolerate when taken by mouth. For example, most people will not tolerate doses of Vitamin C above 5-10,000mg. Given through an IV, you can give doses significantly higher without stomach upset.

  2. Some patients with compromised stomach function may not able to absorb the vitamins they take by mouth. Therefore, getting those supplements through an IV ensures they have absorption.

what kind of iv’s are available?

IV Hydration

Feeling a bit under the weather or getting over a stomach bug? Sometimes receiving hydration (or “fluids”) through an IV can make you feel much better, much faster.


Myer’s Cocktail

Myer’s Cocktail is a specific recipe of Vitamin C, B complex, magnesium, and Vitamin B12. Popularized due their observed outcomes of enhancing immune function, supporting athletic recovery, and improving some pain conditions. Our B vitamins are methylated to allow even those with difficulty processing them to benefit.

Glutathione Push

Imagine the strongest antioxidants you can ingest, now multiply that! Glutathione is a master antioxidant that we make in our body. However, certain conditions and certain genetic compositions may leave someone drained of this super-powered supplement.

Glutathione is administered in a IV push over about 10 minutes.

how do I schedule my IV?

If you are a current patient at BCIM, please speak with your provider about your interest in IV supplementation. We will customize what is best for you and help you schedule your appointments.

If you are not currently a patient at BCIM and would like to come ONLY for IV services, please call the office to schedule a 30 minute consultation in which you will receive recommendations from one of our providers.

How much are the ivs?

Pricing of IV Supplementation vary depending on dose and contents of IV. Pricing starts at approximately $50 and ranges up to $300.

how frequently do I need to get an iv to see the benefits?

How often you come for an IV varies greatly depending on the supplement and the reason for the IV. Your provider will give you recommendations based on your personal needs.

*Monitoring with use of labs may be required with certain IVs*