Bucks County Center for Integrative Medicine:
...a new model for medicine. 


The mission of BCIM is to provide personalized, cost-effective care to each member of our community; focusing on preventative health measures and allowing each person, mind, body and soul, to attain their optimal health. 

 My dream has always been work with my patients to help them achieve their optimal health. I want you to feel not only well, but alive! Health is truly our largest asset in life. Let's face it, when we go, we aren't taking any of our possessions with us! My goal is not only to manage and improve any disease process from which you may be suffering, but to help you achieve your maximum state of well being. This will look different to each of us, as we are each unique. 

At BCIM, we acknowledge the similarities and differences we all share. We consider the health of our relationships with family, friends, work, happiness, and a higher being. We provide a blend of the best in modern medicine with the many benefits of alternative medical approaches. We don't reject the advances we have made, nor do we accept alternative practices without a critical eye. We are here to stand with you, to ask the questions that ultimately lead to your personalized optimal health.

-Dr. Helstrom, DO 


  • A provider that spends time with you, one on one. Who will know all about you when you need them.

  • Time to ask the questions you need to understand your health. Appointments are scheduled for 30-60 minutes based on your needs.

  • Emphasis on health of all of you: mind, body and soul

  • Focus on healthy lifestyle: food as your most powerful medicine and a natural approach to bring your body back to balance

  • Primary care providers knowledgeable in the area of integrative and functional medicine.

  • Expert knowledge on functional movement and musculoskeletal issues

  • Treatment with the alternative modalities and the best of conventional medicine.

  • An emphasis on cost-effective care. We are aware that costs can add up quickly when you dive deep into your health. At BCIM we hold ourselves to transparency in costs and we strive to do our best to keep costs down.

  • Interdisciplinary communication with other providers: Epigenetics, acupuncture, massage