Bucks County Center for Integrative Medicine:
...a new model for medicine. 


Our Mission

The mission of BCIM is to provide personalized, cost-effective care to each member of our community; focusing on preventative health measures and allowing each person, mind, body and soul, to attain their optimal health. 

Direct primary care with an integrative approach

  • A physician that spends time with you, one on one.  Who will know all about you when you need them.
  • Time to ask the questions you need to understand your health.  Appointments are scheduled for 30-60 minutes based on your needs.
  • Knowing your physician will be there when you need them, including having their phone number!
  • Urgent care availability: stitches, coughs, colds, even IV fluids if you are dehydrated
  • An emphasis on cost-effective care. 
  • Emphasis on health of all of you: mind, body and soul 
  • Focus on healthy lifestyle: food as your most powerful medicine and a natural approach to bring your body back to balance
  • Primary care Physician knowledgeable in the area of integrative and functional medicine. 
  • Expert knowledge on functional movement and musculoskeletal issues
  • Treatment with the alternative modalities and the best of conventional medicine.