Compassion, patience, understanding, love...

These are the qualities I strive to bring to my practice every day. 

Everyday doctors ask that you tell your story.  I'd like to start by telling mine...

My oldest memory of wanting to be a doctor was in kindergarten.  A distinct moment was the catalyst. I was watching television and a commercial for “Save the Children” came on. The pictures of the starving Ethiopian children were more than I could handle. Right there I vowed to care for people; to be sure no one lived this way. From that point it was set in my mind, I was going to be a doctor. 

I attended Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where my love for manual medicine was fostered. Osteopathic philosophy fit my definition of how to care for people like a glove. I also pursued my fascination with yoga and Ayruveda, ancient Indian Medicine. I began my daily yoga and meditation practice. After all, a girl has to figure out how to get through medical school and stay sane! My medical education ended after training at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. I trained in Family Medicine and was lucky enough to have support and extensive exposure to alternative modalities available to residents through the Center for Health and Healing.  

My dream has always been work with my patients to help them achieve their optimal health. I want you to feel not only well, but alive! Health is truly our largest asset in life. Let's face it, when we go, we aren't taking any of our possessions with us! My goal is not only to manage and improve any disease process from which you may be suffering, but to help you achieve your maximum state of well being. This will look different to each of us, as we are each unique. 

At BCIM, we acknowledge the similarities and differences we all share. We consider the health of our relationships with family, friends, work, happiness, and a higher being. We provide a blend of the best in modern medicine with the many benefits of alternative medical approaches. We don't reject the advances we have made, nor do we accept alternative practices without a critical eye. We are here to stand with you, to ask the questions that ultimately lead to your personalized optimal health.


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