do you accept insurance?

No.  BCIM is considered an "out of network provider".  We prefer for your relationship with your insurance company to stay between the two of you.  We do offer "super bills" for those patients who are seen for Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine or Integrative Medicine Consult visits. 

do I have to be a member?

No. There are two options for being seen at BCIM, consultation or membership. Membership is offered to those who wish to have long term integrative primary care. This is after the initial intake process has been completed.

Why is there a range of fees for follow-up visits?

Our follow-up visits are priced on a scale depending on the provider you choose to see and how long of an appointment you would like. To see our PA, a 30 minute appointment is $100 and a 60 minute appointment is $200. To see one of our physicians, a 30 minute appointment is $175 and a 60 minute appointment is $350.

is there any long term commitment?

Commitment to length of treatment applies only to membership patients. When you enroll as a member, the commitment time is one year.

i have medicare, can i still join bcim?

At this time BCIM is unable to see Medicare patients.  Stay tuned, this will change in the near future... 

What if I miss an Appointment?

We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that cause you to miss an appointment, however we ask that you give us three days notice for canceling so we can attempt to offer that time to another patient who may need to be seen. If we receive less than three days notice for a cancelled or missed appointment, we will need to charge full price for that appointment before rescheduling. The only exception is for members on the maintenance plan who will be charged $50. We appreciate your understanding.

is this an insurance plan? DO I STILL NEED INSURANCE IF I AM A MEMBER?

No, BCIM membership is not an insurance plan.  We do recommend you still carry insurance to cover you in instances of hospitalization, surgery and serious acute care.