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Revitalize from Within: A Four Week Journey to Bring Vitality to Your Health

It can be daunting to hear a diagnosis that flips your world upside down. Hearing phrases like chronic inflammation, elimination diet, No gluten, No dairy, No sugar can be overwhelming to say the least.

But if you want to feel better, lose the chronic pain, be more vibrant, and get that lost energy back, the nutrition and lifestyle changes are of the utmost importance for lasting change.

During this 4 Week journey, we will unleash the vitality within through nourishing ourselves with foods that are designed for optimal health aimed to reduce chronic inflammation.

We’re going to specifically walk through the process of an elimination diet aimed to reduce chronic inflammation. We will start altogether with the guiding principles of an anti-inflammatory elimination through stocking our pantry, guide to eating out, all the way through to reintroduction of foods.

If you’ve been told or have been thinking that an elimination diet might be the right route for you to go, but completely overwhelmed with the process, the how-tos, and want the support of a community all doing the same thing, then this 4 week program is for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive Guiding Principles Booklet including - the guidelines of the 4 week revitalization, break down the whys and whats, recipes, grocery lists, and much more…

  • Weekly Meet-Up on Thursday’s from 6:30PM-8PM with weekly themes guiding you through the process with additional resources, handouts, and guides (see below for weekly themes)

  • Access to a Private Facebook group for added support, community, and accountability

  • Access to discounted private 45 minute session with nutritionist to cater the group coaching experience to your unique needs (additional cost see below)


  • Session 1: Thursday, May 31st 6:30-8PM - Introduction into the Guiding Principles, Preparation for Success, and Stocking your pantry for success

  • Session 2: Thursday, June 7th 6:30-8PM - Meal Prepping, Grocery Shopping Guidelines (without breaking the bank), and Dining Out

  • Week 3: Break for Implementation & Observation of Symptom Relief & Tracking of Symptoms.

Available option for private 45 minute session with nutritionist (additional $75 cost) to meet this week in person, via video conference, or phone to discuss your personal symptoms and identify personalized adjustments to the guiding principles to optimize your results. 
  • Session 3: Thursday, June 21st 6:30-8PM - The Role of Supplementation and signs that they may benefit you

  • Session 4: Thursday, June 28th 6:30-8PM - What Now? Reintroduction and Long Term Maintenance


$279 (without personal session)

$349 (with personal session)

*BCIM Members save $10

**Potential FSA reimbursement available. Please speak with your insurance and Dr. Helstrom