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Heal From Within: A Journey Through the Healing Powers of Food

Feeling great from the inside out shouldn’t be that complicated.  But why does it seem to be?

It’s actually as simple as learning the language and signals that our body is telling us. But learning the language means breaking into the root cause of our chronic health concerns.

Did you know that there are certain foods that promote healing throughout the entire body and foods that can actually cause promote illness?

We all deserve to feel naturally energized, alive, and amazing in our skin from the inside out without feeling like we need to remove major food groups from our diets.

In this dynamic discussion you’ll learn:

  • the healing powers of food

  • learn the signals and symptoms your body is communicating and what they mean

  • foods that promote healing

  • foods that promote inflammation

  • what you can do immediately to harness the healing power of the body through nutrition

The answer isn’t in calorie restriction and strict cleanses, the answer is in reducing inflammation.  

In this workshop you’ll discover the major causes of inflammation, the symptoms associated with chronic inflammation and what you can do to feel truly amazing in your body. Chronic inflammation is associated with almost every single illness.

*Eczema* *Asthma* *Type II Diabetes* *Cardiovascular Disease* *Joint Pain* *Allergies* *Excess Weight* *Acne* *Stomach Upset*

Walk away from this workshop armed with the tools you need to promote healing within your body through the power of nutrition.  

You’ll Get:

  • List of healing vs. inflammation promoting foods

  • Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

  • Grocery List Guide

  • And snacks…. Because who doesn’t want to snack while learning all about the amazing healing power of the body

You can heal from within and 2018 is the year to do it. Get grounded in the healing powers of foods with Cristina Hoyt, M.S.

Price: $30 (non-BCIM member) $25 (BCIM member)