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BCIM is proud to partner with Beautycounter

It all started when...

We went beyond food and sought natural beauty.  Exotoxins may be one of the largest burdens our bodies endure.  If you are like me, you have struggled through reading labels and researching products to know what is safe to use on your body and your childrens' bodies.  

I am so excited to announce BCIM has partnered with Beautycounter.  An amazing story of one woman's dream to make products safe for her and her family, and then make them available to the world.  

I love that the product ingredients are transparent and explained.  I love that I can chose any product without having to read the label!  And most of all I love that they are a company working to leave a better world for our children.  This is a company I can stand behind.

BCIM proudly supports Stefanie Ramsden Dougherty as our representative for Beautycounter.  Read a little about Stefanie and I'm sure you will understand why we feel she is a perfect fit to guide our BCIM family. 



Stefanie Ramsden Dougherty is a Whole-Food Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, assisting with the transition to a diet richer in delicious plant-based foods. She has certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, an affiliate of eCornell, and shares her own recipes and healthy living tips on her blog, Green Sage, as well as on FacebookInstagram and in a weekly email newsletter. For plant-based coaching and cooking class inquiries, email


Stefanie also works as a Safer Beauty Educator & Consultant with Beautycounter, which she considers a vital component to a holistically healthy lifestyle, as what goes on our skin goes in our bodies. She always welcomes questions and is happy to offer personalized recommendations for all your skin care, hair & body care and cosmetics needs. You can reach her at or by phone/text at 215.262.3562.